University of Southern California Fred S. Grodins Graduate Research Symposium The USC Andrew and Erna Viterbi School of Engineering USC

16th Annual Fred S. Grodins Graduate Research Symposium

Radisson Hotel

March 31th, 2012

Committee Members

Mischal Diasanta, Diana Sabogal, Dr. Norberto Grzywacz, Jonathan Kuo, Ruchi Deshpande (Standing, Left to Right)
Yaping Zhang, Aminat Adebiyi, Joseph Crew, Sushmita Allam
Grodins 2012 Brochure (PDF)


Grodins Graduate Award:
Andrew Weitz - Improving Stimulation Strategies for Epiretinal Prostheses

Platform First Place:
Arthi Srinivasan  –  Comparing Speech Perception with Monopolar and Tripolar Stimulation in Cochlear Implants

Platform Runner-Up:
Xiang Li –  Integrated Ultrasound (US) - Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) system for Intravascular Imaging

USC Stevens Institute "Most Innovative" Research Award:

Poster Awards:

  • Biosystems and Signals
    Bush, Adam - Autonomic Abnormalities in Response to Exercise in Sickle Cell Trait:Indications for Sudden Death
    Eikenberry, Steffen - A Nonlinear Autoregressive Volterra Model of the Hodgkin-Huxley Equations
    Soleymani, Sadaf - Comprehensive, Continuous Hemodynamic Monitoring and Data Acquisition: Potential Clinical Relevance
  • Devices and Diagnostic Technology
    Kim,Brian A Parylene Microchannel-based Electrochemical-MEMS Force Sensor Array for Neuroengineering Applications
    Sheybani, Roya High Efficiency Wireless MEMS Electrochemical Actuators for Ondemand Site-specific Drug Delivery
    Su, Zhe "Harry" Use of tactile feedback to control robotic exploratory movements
  • Imaging
    Cunningham, Samantha  Variability of Primary Visual Cortex Activation Responses to Tactile Stimulation in Sighted Individuals
    Shin, Jun Seob Synergistic Enhancements of Ultrasound Image Contrast with a Phase Aberration Correction and Dual Apodization with Cross-correlation
    Wilkins, Bryce Comparison of novel ICA-based approach to existing diffusion MRI multi-fiber reconstruction methods
  • Neuroengineering
    Goodner, Jared A physiologically plausible learning model for the sensorimotor system
    Hu, WenHsin "Alison" Optimized Hand Position for Push-Up Exercise: A Dynamics Study with Simulation
    Lin Chia-Hsien Integration of Tactile Feedback into Control of a Telerobotic Gripper
    Sunwoo, John Improving the Dynamic Programming of a Spinal-Like Regulator by Using Preceding Results to Devise Efficient Search Strategies

View the online Picasa photo album by clicking the image below. Pictures were taken by Bryce Wilkins.