University of Southern California Fred S. Grodins Graduate Research Symposium The USC Andrew and Erna Viterbi School of Engineering USC

Welcome to the

18th Annual Fred S. Grodins Graduate Research Symposium

where Biomedical Engineering graduate students of the University of Southern California
showcase their research

Saturday, April 5, 2014


The Graduate Research Symposium is open to USC BME Faculty, USC BME Ph.D. Students, and specially invited guests.  Please contact us to inquire about attending or sponsoring. For our KEYNOTE EVENT, we present to you:

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Grodins Graduate Award:
   Steffen Eikenberry, A hierarchy of mathematical models for the immune response in sepsis

Platform First Place:
    Curtis Dixon Lee, Matrigel as a neurotophin drug delivery matrix

Platform Runner-Up:
    Adriana Nicholson Vest, Closed-loop recharging system for a fetal pacemaker

Grodins Service Award:
   Vanessa Landes, Samantha McBirney, Leonardo Nava-Guerra, Sn

Biomedical Engineering Department Service Award:
    Brian J. Kim

Best Poster Awards
  • Biosystems and Signals: Yue Kang, Travis Peterson and Winston Hien Tran
  • Devices and Diagnostic Technology: Nestor Cabrera-Munoz, Nii Tete Mante, Zhe "Harry" Su
  • Imaging: Adam Bush, Thomas Matthew Cummins, Terrence Jao, Teng Ma
  • Cell and Tissue Engineering: Madison Zitting
  • Neuroengineering: Arvind Iyer and Brian Samuel Robinson
  • 1st Year Ph.D Student Best Poster Award: Yue Kang

Coulter Award
First Place: Brian J. Kim

Runner Up: Ruchi Deshpande

BMES Travel Awards
Yue Kang
Travis Peterson
Nestor Cabrera-Munoz
Nii Tete Mante
Zhe "Harry" Su
Thomas Matthew Cummins
Terrence Jao
Teng Ma
Arvind Iyer
Brian Samuel Robinson
Brian J. Kim
Adriana Nicholson

2013-2014 Grodins Organizing Committee

Chair: Samantha McBirney
Co-Chair: Sneha Verma
Secretary: Gene Yu
Treasurer: Leonardo Nava-Guerra
Organizer: Vanessa Landes